How to Cancel Spectrum Internet and TV

Canceling Spectrum Internet and Cable TV should be simple and easy. Here's our step-by-step guide for the process.

Charter Communications Inc. is the parent company of Spectrum, the leading Internet Service Provider in the US. The ISP offers cable TV, broadband internet, home phone service, and more. After the merger with Time Warner Cable in 2016, Spectrum has now become the second-largest cable operator in the United States. Despite their competitive rates similar to Comcast, but what sets them apart is their bundling packages for TV and Internet access. You being here means you are searching for the quickest methods on how to cancel Spectrum Internet and TV services. This could be one or all the subscribed plans or to exit the contract and switch to a new ISP like Verizon.

If you have subscribed to a bundled package, canceling Spectrum services may be challenging. However, despite the challenges, quitting the ISP is not impossible because you are on the right to terminate the contract at any time.

The company may offer lower prices to keep you stay with them and continue using the services. Now, if your reason to cancel Spectrum Internet is the price, then take advantage of the deals you get. However, if its still too expensive for your monthly budget, or you are moving to an area where Spectrum doesn’t offer services, transferring to a new ISP is the only option.

In this article will guide you through the process of how to cancel Spectrum services, that includes Internet or just TV plans:

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What’s Spectrum Cancellation Policy

The Spectrum Cancellation Policy is pretty straightforward. However, there are things that aren’t clearly mentioned in the contract. Unlike other service providers, there is no early termination fee. This allows you to terminate your Cable TV and Internet Services with Spectrum. However, there is a catch, if you cancel Spectrum service at the beginning of the month, you are liable to pay the entire monthly bill. So it is recommended to make a cancellation request before the end of the current billing period.

Keep in mind, if you request service cancellation on the second day of your billing month, you still have to pay for the entire month. It is recommended to request service termination at least 30 days before. Moreover, tell them that you want your service to end on a particular date.

This issue was first reported on WKYC on August 2019. Ever since Spectrum is still overcharging its customers.

Tips for Canceling Spectrum Services

Here are some tips to make it easy to cancel Spectrum service: 

  • Make sure to request service termination at least a week before the end of the billing month.
  • Contact Spectrum customer service and request to transfer your call to Retention Department.
  • Ensure you have your account information, including your account number and password.
  • Be prepared for a lengthy conversation with customer service representatives, as they may try to talk you out of canceling offer incentives to stay.
  • If you have cable and internet services, be prepared to cancel both services at the same time.
  • If you have a promotional rate, ask what will happen to your rate when your service is terminated.
  • Make sure to get a confirmation number from Spectrum.
  • Keep an eye on your billing statement if there are any unexpected charges after Spectrum cancels your services.

How to Cancel Spectrum Internet

When canceling Spectrum services at the individual level, you must contact Spectrum customer support either by chat or phone. Keep in mind that you will have to provide your account number and last name on the account. You can find your account number on any of your bills or correspondence from Spectrum. The representative will ask the reason for service cancellation and try to offer a deal to convince you to stray with the ISP. You need to be firm and tell them that you’ve decided to end your subscription.

Canceling Spectrum services can be hassle-free if you know what to do. By following the simple steps below, you can ensure your request goes smoothly and without any problems.

Step 1: Reach the Spectrum Retention Department

The first step to cancel Spectrum internet is to contact the Retention Department by calling (877) 463-0677. The customer service representative who takes your call may not be able to process your request. You should politely ask to speak with the retention department in this case.

Step 2: Give Reason to Cancel Spectrum Internet

You should be prepared with a valid reason to cancel Spectrum service. The most popular reasons for cancellation are moving to a new location or lowering monthly financial commitments to pay off other bills.

Step 3: Be Firm Yet Friendly

When speaking to the customer service representative, be firm in your request to cancel services but remain polite. If you have been a Spectrum subscriber for a long time, they may try to offer you incentives to stay. These may include discounted rates or value-added services. You are not obligated to accept any of these incentives, so do not feel pressured into doing so.

Step 4: Confirm to Internet Service Termination

After your conversation with the Spectrum retention department, you’ll receive a confirmation email or letter confirming your service cancellation request. If, for some reason, you do not receive confirmation, be sure to follow up with the retention department to ensure that your request was processed.

Step 4: Follow Up with a Written Letter

While it’s not necessary but always a good idea to Spectrum a written letter confirming the service cancellation. Do mention the date and time and the representative name in your letter. This will protect you in case there are any problems down the line.

Step 5: Return Spectrum Equipment

Once you cancel Spectrum internet, you’ll need to return the equipment, such as the modem and WiFi router. You can drop off at their local store or use USPS to send it back. Remember, if you failed to return Spectrum equipment on time there will be additional charges on your final bill.

Step 6: Close Spectrum Account

If you were just a Spectrum internet subscriber, you’ll receive a final bill that includes the charges or adjustments to your account balance. Charter communication offer varity of ways to pay Spectrum bill online through bank account or card. You can also make payments at the company’s outlet and Walmart stores. Once you make the final payment visit: get in touch with customer support and ask them to close your account. This will ensure there won’t be any unexpected charges in the future. This is a final step if you are wondring how to cancel spectrum internet without calling.

How to Cancel Spectrum TV but Keep Internet

The steps are exactly the same to keep your internet service and cancel Spectrum TV plan. However, since you are not entirely quiting the ISP, it will be easy and you don’t necessarily need to get in touch with retention department. Anyone of the frontline support team member can forward your request and the company will process it accordingly.

However, as we have mentioned earlier to avoid any additional charges you need to make your request before the end of current billing month. Also make sure to return the cable box with two weeks after ending the TV service.

Step 1: Contact Support to Cancel Spectrum TV Services

Dail (833) 267-6094 and get in touch with Spectrum customer support. Once on line with the representative tell them you would like to cancel Spectrum cable but keep internet service.

Step 2: Give Reason to Cancel Spectrum TV

While you are not forced to use the cable TV but the representative will still ask the question. Its better to make a solid excuse, for example “I mostly travel and don’t have time to watch TV” or something better. However, this will do and since you are not locked in yearly contract the agent will process your request right away. Make sure to ask for the confirmation number and note it down somewhere.

Step 3: Confirm Spectrum Cable TV Termination

After your conversation with the support agent you’ll receive a confirmation email within 24 to 48 hours. If not call or get in touch with Spectrum team via Live chat. Share the confirmation code for service cancelation and ask them for the status.

Step 4: Return Cable Box

Once you have received a confirmation email make sure to return Spectrum TV or Cable box with the given time frame. You can drop off at the nearest store or send it back via USPS or UPS.

Canceling Spectrum Business Internet Services

When canceling business-level accounts, you can contact a Spectrum representative or send an email or a written letter with your account information to “Charter Communications Inc. Attn: Cancellations 77 Broad Street New York, NY 10004“. Make sure that you provide all the necessary information on the letter, such as name and address on file for your service, phone number(s) associated with the account, email address if applicable, last four digits of any credit cards tied to the bill payment method and account number(s). The reason for canceling does not need to be given. However, it’s good practice to do so in order to help the company understand its consumer’s needs.

Canceling Spectrum Enterprise Services at the Corporate Level

When canceling Spectrum services at the organizational level, you have to contact their corporate office. The best way to do this is by emailing their customer service department at In your email, include your name and address on file for service, phone number associated with the account, email address if applicable, last four digits of any credit cards tied to billing, and account number.

Optionally, you will also need to briefly explain why you’re canceling their services. They may contact you for more information but try not to give in and cancel the service.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if Spectrum is the only ISP in your area?

In some areas, Spectrum may be the only high-speed ISP. If this is the case, you may have no choice but to continue your subscription and hope for better customer service.

Does Spectrum prorate final bills?

Spectrum does not prorate final bills, so you will be charged for the entire month of service, no matter how long you have used it.

Can I downgrade my Spectrum Internet?

Yes, you can downgrade your services; however, remember that you may still be charged for the whole month’s service.

What is Spectrum’s cancellation policy?

Spectrum’s cancellation policy is that you must provide a 30-day notice before canceling service. If you do not provide a 30-day notice, you may be charged for the remainder of your contract.

Does Spectrum charge early termination fees?

Spectrum does not charge early termination fees. However, canceling your service after 30 days will incur a fee for the remainder of your contract.

Can I cancel Spectrum’s internet service online?

Yes, you can cancel Spectrum’s internet service online. To do so, you will need to log into your account and select the Cancel Service option.

Can I get a refund from Spectrum?

No, the company does not offer any refunds for service termination. However, you may be eligible for a prorated refund if you downgrade your services.

Is there a fee to return equipment?

Yes, Spectrum charges an equipment deactivation fee. If you cancel the subscription before the end of your contract. In that case, you will need to pay the deactivation fee and any remaining payments. If you do not wish to return the equipment and cancel the service early, you will be charged a deactivation fee and the total amount of your contract.

Can I transfer Spectrum internet service to a new address?

Yes, you can transfer Spectrum’s Internet service to a new address. To do so, you will need to contact customer support and provide your new address.

How to Cancel Spectrum Internet and TV Services?

1. Call Spectrum customer service at 1-877-463-0677 to cancel the service.

2. Check your final bill carefully and make sure you do not have any outstanding charges, such as a fee for early termination of the contract. If you do, call Spectrum customer service, and explain that you wish to have this charge removed from your account.

3. Return all Spectrum equipment to the nearest Spectrum office.


Canceling Spectrum TV and Internet services can be daunting but can be accomplished with perseverance. Just remember to be polite and patient with customer service and to keep an eye on your billing statement for any unexpected charges. Good luck!​

Lastly, make sure to return all the company-owned equipment on time. I hope this guide will help you answer all your questions and concerns. Feel free to ask any questions in the comment section below.

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