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How-to How is an online tech guide platform based in the United States. It was launched in December 2021 with a goal to provide free support for the Internet, TV, and other tech devices. We have thousands of in-depth articles on How-Tos and reviews.

Who we Are - HowtoHow.org

Our Mission

Whether it’s an Internet provider or TV service, we help you resolve the issues. The mission is to provide our readers with How-to guides on fixing, installing, or setting up any home device or services. However, we are not just limited to Broadband and TV providers. We also cover topics on Windows, macOS, and streaming devices like Roku, Amazon Fire, and Apple TV. It can be pretty much anything that you use in your daily life.

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We publish reviews and How-to guides on Internet and TV services. We also cover How-tos on streaming devices, laptops, and mobiles. Our team does extensive research to help you provide everything you need to resolve any issue or find what you’re looking for.

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How We Do

Our team loves to uncover different methods and the complete ins and outs of a service or product, so you can find your way to resolve any issue without calling customers service. Besides the How-to guides, we also review the products and services we mention on our website. Our team of researchers extensively tests and reviews each home service, so you can make more informed decisions on what’s suitable for your home.

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Our Motivation

At HowtoHow.org, we are supported by our visitors. You may find Ad banners, Videos, and Affiliate links on our web pages. If you decide to click on the ads or affiliate link, we may receive a commission. This helps us pay our writers and monthly server charges, as well as other maintenance services to keep our website up-to-date.

Always Up-to-Date

Modern-day technology is constantly evolving. The great news is our team of researchers always keeps themselves up to date with the latest updates. We always keep our How-to guides updated with the latest tips, tricks, and different methods to get the job done. This also applies to our reviews so that you can have more accurate information.

Meet the Team

Naveed Alam Khan Founder of How-to How


Naveed is the founder of LookGadgets.com, where he loves to share his thoughts on PCs and other tech gadgets. He started HowtoHow.org with a passion for helping people find their way to fix tech-related issues.

Mohib-ur-Rehman Co-Founder of How-to How

Mohib ur Rehman


Mohib is a Co-founder of HowtoHow.org and holds a degree in Computer Science. However, his area of expertise is in Network Management. He primarily covers How-to guides on Internet and TV service providers.

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