Instagram’s Threads App to Get Web App Soon

Instagram Threads will soon get a web app version like Twitter, allowing Windows and Mac users to post from computers.

Instagram’s popular Threads app is set to expand its reach with a web app release for computers. Meta, the company behind the app, has confirmed their plans to launch a web version similar to Twitter. Unfortunately, users will need to wait patiently as the web app development is still ongoing.

Instagram’s Threads application has been gaining attention lately and is often considered a competitor to Twitter. Although it has gained popularity in terms of downloads, it currently falls short of Twitter when it comes to features.

Currently, Threads needs more essential elements such as hashtags, search capabilities, and web support. The Instagram Head, Adam Mosseri, has confirmed that the company is actively working to add hashtag support and upgrade to a web app. In a recent post on Threads, Mosseri confirmed that a web version is already in the works. But there is no final deadline or official announcement from Meta.

Threads Web App confirmation

According to WindowLatest, Threads is also being prepared for Windows 11 Microsoft Store. But I believe it will be at least a year before we see a native Threads app for Windows. Now, despite the growing demand from users, a desktop app or web version of Threads isn’t an immediate priority of Meta.

One of the most significant advantages of Threads native app for PC and Mac is that users will no longer need to rely on their phones to post or engage with threads.

News features to come on Threads

Meta is not only focusing on bringing Threads to new platforms but also working on several new features to enhance the platform’s appeal. Some of these upcoming features include the ability to edit posts, switch between multiple accounts like Instagram, access trending content, upload GIFs, tag people in photos and videos, and pin threads to profile. Although the timeline for these updates remains unknown. However, I can say for sure that the hashtag support is coming soon.

For now, Windows users can explore alternative methods, such as sideloading Threads APK on Windows 11 or using Android Emulator.

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