CleanMyMac X is now powered by Moonlock

MacPaw now has a division for cybersecurity called Moonlock, introducing a new malware removal tool on CleanMyMac X.

CleanMyMac is undoubtedly one of the best Mac cleaner apps to speed up your computer for maximum performance. Originally it was designed to clean junk files and free up local drives. However, people at MacPaws have upgraded it over the years into an optimization and security tool. Starting with version 4.14, the latest CleanMyMac X now comes with a malware removal tool powered by Moonlock Engine.

What is Moonlock?

MacPaw’s in-house engineers and cybersecurity researchers develop this new security engine. This new division will focus its efforts on identifying and thwarting security threats targeting Mac systems.

According to the company, the Moonlock Engine is twice as faster as the previous malware tool on Apple Silicon and 1.5x faster on Intel-based Macs. But speed isn’t the only improvement; the new engine can now scan threats on external drives, email attachments, archives, and browser extensions. However, the browser extension scanning option is limited to Safari only.

Moreover, users can now customize their malware scans as per their preferences, allowing them to choose quick or in-depth scans. However, this feature has yet to be available for public release.

With this new update for a malware removal tool, CleanMyMac X is not only a utility software to optimize your computer but also a security solution. MacPaw’s commitment to innovation and user satisfaction shines with this latest update. We are eager to see what will be the next big update from MacPaw.

Compatibility with macOS Sonoma

The public and beta release of CleanMyMac X is compatible with Apple’s new macOS 14 code-name Sonoma. I have tested the CleanMyMac X Moonlock malware scan on Sonoma, and it works flawlessly.

CleanMyMac X on macOS Sonona

Want it? Try it yourself? Here’s the guide on How to install macOS Sonoma Beta on Mac to try CleanMyMac.

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