iOS and iPadOS 16.5 comes with new Features and Security Fix

iOS 16.5 goes live with new sports-centric features, Pride wallpaper, bug fixes, and enhanced security measures.

Apple has once again delighted users by rolling out the iOS & iPadOS 16.5 update. While it might not make you drop everything you’re doing, it’s a release that packs a punch. This update comes with essential bug fixes and some compelling feature enhancements.

Dedicated Sports tab on Apple News app

A new Tab for Sports in the News app

Taking center stage in this update is the new Sports tab within Apple News. Apple seems to have realized the importance of the sports sector, targeting enthusiasts with a tailor-made avenue for their passion. The dedicated Sports tab delivers quick access to stories and scores and offers a more streamlined experience to sports followers. In addition, users can set their favorite teams and leagues to personalize their newsfeed in the App.

If you’re tapping on the sports scores or schedule cards in Apple News, you’re now directed to specific game pages. Seems like Apple has decided to let its users immerse themselves fully in the sporting world, right?

New Apple Pride Wallpaper Collection

Pride Wallpapers Collection

If you’re a fan of Pride, there’s a little something for you too. Apple has rolled out a new Pride Celebration Lock Screen wallpaper, complementing their new 2023 Pride Apple Watch Band and watch face. A fresh and colorful look awaits you on your lock screen.

Addressing Known Bugs

Apple has also rolled out a series of bug fixes, addressing long-standing issues that bother many users. The fix includes Spotlight freezing up and Podcasts not loading in CarPlay. It also fixed the issues with Screen Time resetting or not syncing across devices.

Security Fixes

The iOS 16.5 update also brings myriad security enhancements, fixing many vulnerabilities. Among them, three known security flaws have been addressed, two of which were already resolved in the prior iOS 16.4.1 Rapid Security Response updates. The third issue—a WebKit security flaw allowing attackers to break out of the Web Content sandbox—has also been addressed, fortifying the safety of users.

The iOS 16.5 may not be the most groundbreaking update. However, it fixed some major issues that go a long way in enhancing user experience and safeguarding security. It’s also a clear indication that Apple is committed to refining and polishing its operating system, staying responsive to user needs, and maintaining its stronghold in the tech world.

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