Best Surface Book 3 Cases and Skins

Elevate the look of your Surface Book 3 with our handpicked selection of the best cases and skins for ultimate protection & style.

When it comes to a Windows Laptop, Microsoft Surface is one of the best in the market. There is no doubts that the first gen Surface Book was flawed. However, in terms of design and build quality, it was the best 2-in-1 laptop of the time. Personally, I believe it wasn’t meant for power users, and maybe that’s why it got discontinued. Given the last Surface Book 3 still costs a fortune, so we recommend you buy the best Case or Skin Cover to keep it safe.

At the time of writing this article, the device is available on Amazon for the starting price of $999 and goes up to $1700. Comparing the price point and the specs you get, this is still an expensive laptop, even after two and a half years of its release.

Let’s just ignore the price tag for a moment. The Surface Book 3 isn’t a usual laptop; unlike the MacBook, it is expensive to repair. Therefore, I recommend using the best Surface Book 3 case with your device.

Unfortunately, we have very few options when it comes to protective covers. We’ve compiled a list of the best Surface Book 3 cases and skins to simplify this task. These products are more than just rugged but stylish enough for everyday use.

Best Case for Surface Book 3 in 2024

  1. iCarryAlls Flip Case
  2. Heycase
  3. iCarryAlls Foldable Stand Case
  4. Gvalant Folio Stand Case
  5. UAG Plasma Series
  6. mCover Hard Shell Case
  7. dbrand Skin
  8. Uniqfind Skin

iCarryAlls Flip Case (WMQ023)

iCarryAlls Flip Case with Magnetic Strap

The iCarryAlls is a Florida-based company specializing in premium laptop bags, sleeves, and covers. In the past, we have tested its flip case with an elastic strap-on to secure your Surface Notebook in place.

However, with the new design, the company has removed the elastic strap with all-new strong magnetics. The overall build quality and design are similar to its predecessor. The cover is designed to allow you to access all the ports on the device. Moreover, it does not block ventilation and keeps the airflow. The detachable design of the case will enable you to use your Surface Book 3 as a tablet without removing the cover itself.


Heycase with Elastic Strap

Heycase has over 500+ reviews on Amazon with a total of 4.5-star ratings. It has one of the oldest design with an elastic strap like on iCarryAlls WMQ024. In fact, it is the exact replica except for the palm rest.

The case has pretty similar features as well. You can detach the screen without removing itself. In terms of quality, the company uses PU leather with a touch of microfiber linen inside. Moreover, you have easy access to all the ports. The base part of Heycase has a pen holder which secures your Surface Pen intact. Overall, it is an excellent Cover except for the elastic strap, which isn’t suitable for the long run.

iCarryAlls Foldable Stand Case (WMQ053)

iCarryAlls Foldable Kick Stand

When it comes to designing a unique and quality Surface Book 3 cover, no other brand can beat iCarryAlls. Well, a few top-of-the-line brands like UAG make the best cases, but they charge twice the price.

The aesthetic of this product is same as the model WMQ023. You get easy access to the charging and USB ports and can detach the display to use it as a tablet. Other than that, the air vents are open for proper ventilation, so your device doesn’t get too hot. This cover feels slightly slimmer compared to the one mentioned above. However, we don’t see any pen holder on it. Sure, you can attach your Surface Pen to the device, but it will probably fall off. Overall, it is an excellent product if you are looking for a foldable stand case for Surface Book 3.

Gvalant Folio Stand Case

Gvalant Folio Tablet Stand Case

This is the best Surface Book 3 stand case if you use your 2-in-1 laptop as a tablet most of the time. However, this brand is new for many of us, and there are few reviews on Amazon. But I think some of you will love this particular design.

If you look at it, this case feels like the ones we already mentioned. It offers the same port availability, open vents, and does offer pen holder. However, it gets unique when you detach your Surface Book and use it in tablet mode. With its kickstand design, you don’t need to attach the keyboard to place it on the table. Once you are done using your device, flip the stand on the display and put it in your bag. Just like the iPad cases, except it’s not magnetic. However, it does a great job protecting the display of your device.

UAG Plasma Series

UAG Rugged Case for Surface Book 3

I’m not a big fan of rugged cases for Surface Book 3 or any other laptop. Mainly because of the bulk and weight it adds, which breaks the concept of portability. However, some of you guys might want to buy a heavy-duty case.

If you are looking for rugged covers, the UAG is the only best brand in the market. It is precisely designed for the new Book 3 and protects it from all potential harm. I’m sorry it’s a bit of an overstatement here, but rest assured, your laptop is safe if you accidentally drop it from the table. And the best part is that this might be the only case on our list with a lifetime warranty.

mCover Hard Shell Case

Most Affordable Surface Book 3 mCover Hard Shell Case

The mCover from iPearl Inc. is one of the most affordable covers for Surface Book 3. With over 1400+ reviews with a 4.4-star rating on Amazon, you wonder why people like this product so much. It is mainly because of the slim and lightweight design of the mCover Shell.

This hard-shell cover is designed to fit perfectly with your 15-inch or 13-inch Surface Book 3. If you don’t like the standard black and silver, you have about nine different color options to choose from. It comes in two separate parts allowing you to detach the display without removing the cover. It does a very well job protecting your device from scratches and bumps. Though, I wouldn’t feel comfortable dropping my laptop from 4ft height. Lastly, there is a small kickstand to lift your device for an ergonomic typing experience. Overall, it’s an exceptional case at a cheap price tag with the option of multiple vibrant colors.

Alterative: the Best Surface Book 3 Skins

dbrand Skin

dbrand Skin for Surface Book 3

We at love dbrand not because it is the biggest brand but because of its product quality. These folks never disappoint its customer. The dbrand offers skins for Apple, Google, Samsung, OnePlus, and Microsoft products. You can get the same quality wrap and design for all your devices, whether a tablet, phone, or laptop.

Inside the package, you’ll find six to seven pieces of 0.25mm vinyl skin precisely designed for your Surface Book 3. It offers a decent level of protection from everyday scratches and scuffs. Moreover, the company guarantees zero adhesive residues left over when you remove the skin. Overall, this is the best skin for Surface Book 3, and given the reputation of dbrand, we highly recommend it. For less than $47, you can match your phone, tablet, and laptop with the same astonishing design.

Uniqfind Skin

Uniqfind Surface Book 3 Skin

The skin might be the only choice left for those who want to avoid adding additional bulk to the laptop. I would have recommended TOASTMade, which makes laptop skins from real wood. But the $78 price tag makes it too expensive, and the installation takes time.

Besides, Uniqfind offers the same level of protection from scuffs and scratches. Moreover, the installation takes less than a minute. There isn’t much to do, clean the body of your device, put the skin on, and gently smooth it out to let it stick. The company offers about 27 different designs for you to choose from. However, remember that this Surface Book 3 skin doesn’t provide the same level of protection as the Case.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to properly apply the Skin on Surface Book 3?

Installing or applying a Skin on your device is relatively simple. Clean your laptop thoroughly with a microfiber cloth. The skin will be available in three to seven pieces. Make sure you familiarize yourself with the layout. Start with the tablet part of your device. Detach your display from the keyboard and place it on the table. Now peel the skin and carefully place it around the camera cutouts. Please make sure it is correctly aligned with the frame of your device. Now slowly apply pressure on the skin. Be extra careful around the Surface logo, and take your time. If it doesn’t fit or feel right, you can peel it off and readjust it as many times as necessary.

Once all parts are adequately aligned, apply firm pressure on the skin to smooth it out. Follow the same procedure for the keyboard back and the trackpad.

How to install a Case on Surface Book 3?

The installation method depends on which brand product you have purchased. However, most case brands followed the same approach to installing the case. For example, with UAG, you will receive two separate parts. To install it, disconnect the display from the base, gently slide the keyboard on the case frame, and snap the edges. Now use the securing strap to cover the spine of your laptop base.

Once done, move on to the tablet part. Firmly insert the display on the case and wrap the edges around the screen. That’s it; you have successfully installed the case.

Closing Thoughts

It’s been over two years since the release of Surface Book 3. It is fair to say Microsoft decided to end this lineup. As we mentioned at the beginning, this laptop is not meant for power users. Sure, it can do basic photo editing and is suitable for programmers. However, you can purchase a better Windows laptop for the same price tag.

With that said, the Surface Book 3 needs to be well protected. Unsurprisingly, Book 3 and Book 2 both devices are the same in size and design. So, if you are in the market, you can opt for the older Surface Book 2 cover.

For those looking for an affordable option, the mCover Hard Shell offers decent protection. You can always go right with UAG Plasma Series if you are into serious protection. Lastly, the above-mentioned Surface Book 3 skins are good enough to safeguard your laptop from scratches and scuffs. For tablet mode, we recommend Gvalant Folio Stand, as it offers a kickstand feature for a detached display. However, we suggest you use the best Surface Book 3 screen protector with a Gvalant Cover.

We hope your search ends here, make sure to check out the best Surface Book 3 accessories you can buy in 2024.

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